Here you will find downloadable material related to the work site Stockholm Royal Seaport. Right-click on the files to save them down at your computer, or right-click to open directly in your browser (PDF files requires Adobe Reader or other similar software).


List of Materials for Construction Consolidation Center  (pdf)

In the material list, you can see which materials are delivered directly to the workplace and who are going to BLC for co-loading, in combination with rules on filling degree.


Fact Sheet # 7 Wired Broadband service from CCC  (pdf)

Fact Sheet # 7 provides information on how you can get wired broadband services from CCC


Fact Sheet # 8 Stage Coordinators within the zoning area  (pdf)

Fact Sheet # 8 describes the role of Stage Coordinator which can be found for every respective local plan area.


Fact Sheet # 10 Monitoring of working area  (pdf)

Fact sheet # 10 describes how you can use the common monitoring service that BLC has coordinated.


Fact Sheet # 11 Business model and contractual model  (pdf)

Fact Sheet No. 11 clarifies how the business model and the contractual model of BLC looks.


Fact Sheet # 12 Services and cost allocation within BLC  (pdf)

Fact Sheet No. 12 clarifies who pays for which BLC services.


Fact sheet #14 Temporary construction lights  (pdf)

Fact sheet #14 describes the temporary construction lights that are availiable for hire. The fact sheet is only availiable in swedish.


Fact Sheet # 21 Price List Stockholm Royal Seaport Connection fee  (pdf)

This price list specifies the connection fee for the developer and the cost of someone enters the work area.