Training at BLC

Everyone who will be working on a worksite within the city's construction area will undergo a training. The training will contain which conditions and rules that stands for a secure and well functioned worksite.  All who work within the NDS area shall complete a training.

NORMAL: For everyone who will work more than five days in the area.

EXPERT: For those who will be scheduling and managing the site. Here you will learn more about the delivery planning tool STC, we will also help to create a user ID for those who will work in the tool. You will also learn about CCC(BLC) regulations and we will furthermore have a discussion on how CCC(BLC) can cooperative with you within the project.

Authorization to the Area – ID06
Authorization is required to access the NDS zoning. After completion of the training, access to the area is given through the ID06 card. Waivers can be given over a shorter period of time, but the training must be completed for the access to be permanently valid. If training is not completed within the time dispensation, the card will be locked until the course is completed.

Exempted From Education
Drivers only carrying goods into the area, but not working with any construction-related tasks, need not go through any training with us. Information on protective equipment and directions will be provided in connection with entry into the area.

WED Training
Within the Stockholm Royal Seaport, we have an environmental focus. Therefore, any personnel handling machines within the NDS will be offered a so-called WED training; where WED stands for Working Ecodriving. For more information about the extent and training times, contact BLC.