Stockholm Royal Seaport

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of Stockholm's environmental zones. With high environmental goals and environmental requirements in the early stages through environmental programs and policies for all developers the conditions for achieving an environmentally neighborhood in the world is created.

One of the environmental objectives is to reduce the environmental impact of transport. Therefore, Stockholm City has created opportunities for a Construction Logistics Center for Hjothagen which is one of four areas in the Stockholm Royal Seaport. During a relatively short period, a neighborhood will emerge with a housing production of about 500-700 homes per year. The construction will generate about 35,000-40,000 vehicle movements per year, which can be reduced by 15-30% within the work area through the coordination and planning of transport.

The environmental program adopted by City Council in 2010 for the Royal Seaport is one of the objectives to "Chapter 9 - Goals 9.2.11 A logistics center will be established for sustainable transport..." The idea is to reduce the transport flow, increasing the load factor, increase accessibility, co-distribution with eco-efficient hybrid vehicles and joint waste disposal.

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