Additional Services

In addition to core services BLC will offer additional services. We are constantly developing new, more efficient supply solutions together with our customers and are happy to receive suggestions for new additional services.
Together we will create the best conditions possible!

Inward transport of materials
With our service inward transport of materials, you can expect that the construction material to be used during the day is set up and prepared when the craftsmen will arrive to their work site in the morning. This service can increase productivity while you get a cleaner and safer workplace.

  • We can help with the inward transport of materials on site to the installation site
  • Inward transport can take place when it suits you best
  • Call-offs must be made at least 4 days before the work is done
  • For current prices see price list for Additional Services in Serviplan

Logistics Coordination
We have knowledgeable construction logistics consultants who can help with the coordination of your logistics flows, attend production meetings, being experts in logistics issues and conducting materials supply analyzes, etc. For more information contact BLC.

External long-term storage
If necessary, we can provide external long-term storage at one of our warehouses in the Stockholm area. Since we can not always guarantee a place at the BLC it may be necessary to temporarily store materials outside the BLC. -Pre-assembly of components can also be taken care of here, which we then transport into the work site.

For current prices see price list for Additional Services or contact BLC on
08-122 130 00 or blc@ndslogistik.se

For increased workplace efficiency, we can deliver complete apartment kits to the right place in the building. We ensure that all the materials needed to complete the current operation is delivered, which both simplifies material order call-offs and also increases productivity in the workplace. For more information contact BLC.

Waste Management
We can provide operating disposal and sorting of construction waste at the site during construction. This can occur while working with the inward transport of materials. For the management of construction waste, we can also provide flexi container 5 m3, containers 5-15 m3 and the construction eights 8 m3 (container lifting loops).

Loading, unloading and lifting
At BLC there will be vehicles for unloading, loading and lifting tasks. Instead of every construction using their own telescopic handlers or other vehicle we can provide the equipment you need from the BLC. The advantage is that you are sharing the vehicles with other contractors in the area and that you only pay for the time you use the vehicle.

In need of special vehicles for unloading for example, crane trucks or mobile cranes contact BLC at 08-122 130 00 or blc@ndslogistik.se

Surveillance and alarm

BLC provides camera/video surveillance in our construction areas. If you need alarm bags for alarming sheds, tool containers, etc., contact BLC on phone number: 08-122 130 00.

To order an alarm bag, see form Alarm bag order under the Services tab. Then send the completed form to blc@ndslogistik.se.

Construction lights

Applies to the temporary construction lights in your work area. See form Rental agreement temporary construction lights under Services. Then submit the form to BLC, blc@ndslogistik.se. Remember to download the APD-plan and mark where the placement of the lights should be.

Wired broadband service 

To order wired broadband service to the workplace, see form Order of wired broadband services to the workplace  under Services. Then submit the form to BLC, blc@ndslogistik.se.