Coordinated logistics offer more benefits - Article BI, No. 12, 2015 Part 1  (pdf)

All those who are building in Stockholm's new Royal Seaport is forced to coordinate their transport to and from the construction site. It is an initiative of the city with the aim of reducing environmental impact, improving the work environment and enhance efficiency. The builders give the initiative both praise and criticism. "Now they have started playing together, but in the beginning they had no understanding," says Christer Källström at JM.


Early dawn raids and ID06 control - article in BI, No. 34 2014  (pdf)

Article about how the ID06 controls is carried out within the Royal Seaport and zoning Västra through BLC.


Blow towards the construction industry - Dagens Industri 2013-10-14  (pdf)

The construction projects have evolved from million program to millionaire program, according to a scathing indictment of the longstanding industry expert Fredrik von Platen.


Stop the thief - SBUF newspaper in October 2012  (pdf)

Thieves are more active than ever at Swedish construction sites. Machinery and equipment for about 1.5 billion disappear every year. This is equivalent to the price of about one thousand houses!

It is not only the stolen items forming cost. Interruptions in production, extra work, etc., also costs. Moreover, there are many unreported. Very stolen are never reported to the police because it is seen as an unnecessary work. The excesses are often so high that a notification to the insurance company does not pay off.